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Don’t know what twitter is?
It’s like gossip. Great gossip. A ‘telegraph’ system that lets you know what the people you follow are doing. In return your followers learn what you are doing. Some say it is a fad ………….. others (including ourselves) are loving the networking and immediacy of it.

Set up a Twitter profile now at and join the phenomenal revolution that has seen 1382% growth in the last month!

Why Twitter?
You can ask your visitors to follow you…. keep your business at the forefront of their minds.
Read this article for a guru’s guide to Twitter  – Lucy Atkins at the Telegraph on Twitter

Send us a tweet when you are set up. Say Hi.


Sarah Lundy

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  1. […] are you? Next do a search for visit Lancashire. You will see that not only our website but also our Twitter account and our blog are on the first page. You can do this […]

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