We’re good, we’re good, we’re very very good! (at tweeting)

I’ve already written about Twitter and how to join the rapidly maturing revolution that is occuring in ‘micro-blogging’ and the fact that we are using this medium ourselves as part of our marketing distribution network.

Well have I got news for you! visitLancashire has been included in a Twitter Report article from the Times Online. We are mentioned as one of the best Tourist Boards using Twitter (hurrah) along with @VisitBritain, @visitlondonweb, @visitaviemore and @LakeDistrictPR.

We also have more followers than all the other accounts mentioned (except 1…..):
@VisitBritain                     2440
@VisitLancashire      828 (it’s now 878)
@VisitScotland                 605
@LakeDistrictPR              594
@visitlondonweb             557
@VisitWales                       567
@VisitEngland                  314
@Visitaviemore              256
@DiscoverNI                    119

So by tweeting well – as real people with valid things to say to our visitors – we have secured some valuable PR. We’re really chuffed.

So don’t tell me that you still haven’t got a Twitter account! If you can tweet 1 thing a day interesting to your visitors you are on a winner. Don’t let it take over your life. It’s literally 1 minute per day. Tweet while you wait for the kettle to boil.

And follow us   www.twitter.com/visitlancashire

As a tourism business you’ll be interested in our business tweets www.twitter.com/touristboard

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