Welcome to Blackpool

With the Welcome to Blackpool course becoming a resounding success across the resort (over 1,000 delegates can now boast a greater knowledge of the British seaside resort), some members of Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board decided they wanted in on the action! So, on Monday, eight of us took our places in the boardroom for a fast-track training session.
The thing that struck me was the great history behind the resort that I had never known. Sure, I’d been told the story of the famous Tower and Illuminations before but it was really interesting to hear, for example, that Blackpool has been a settlement for 11,000 years (that’s 1,000 years earlier than the ice age)!

Gloria Vessey, our trainer, was really animated and kept us all on our toes with various tasks including, testing our knowledge on the more well-known attractions and events, as well as looking at the developments and regeneration projects across the resort.

This course has really helped us all look at Blackpool more closely and I know that I will be able to mention, in a lot more detail, what goes on in the resort and all its attributes. I think it’s really important that anybody working in Blackpool is able to do the same and would recommend any business with links to the town gets themselves booked on too!

Kate Roberts

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