Welcoming Blackpool Zoo’s Newest Attraction!

BlackpoolZooPenguinOpening380X260I was delighted to receive an invitation from Blackpool zoo to the opening of their newest attraction.

Congratulations go to Blackpool Zoo for their new Penguin enclosure and pool at the popular attraction, which was officially opened on Tuesday 21st July by the Mayor of Blackpool Councillor Norman Hardy.

The zoo has listened to public demand over the past few years and have re-introduced a small colony of twelve Magellanic penguins which stand at about 18 inches tall (very popular with our own Katie in the office). The investment of £400,000 is very welcome and shows the parent company’s confidence in the Zoo and Blackpool too. I am sure they will be popular with visitors this summer, who will also be able to see them swim underwater thanks to an observation window to the side of the enclosure.

This year , zoo visitors will also be able to see three new baby lion cubs and 2 new baby sealion too! Well done Blackpool zoo and all involved – keep up the good work…

Tim Dixon

2 Responses

  1. So jealous of your visit Tim. With my LBTB blogging hat on can I just say to every business reading this:

    1) the penguins are a fabulous reason to tell all your visitors to go to the Zoo (even if they only went recently) and don’t forget all the other babies that there’s been the past few months (see how big the lion cubs are now!)

    2) the more your visitors go to the attractions in Lancashire the longer they may stay (or the more they may return)

    hurrah for the penguins… my favourite animal ever (especially the ones from Madagascar)

  2. Off topic I know but as this is such a great blog I thought it would be a great place to post my question. Has anybody been to Blackpool this year? If so what do you think of the multi million pound redevelopment? Do you think UK seaside resorts such as Blackpool have a future?

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