New Photography for LBTB

As part of the tourist board’s new branding strategy we have commissioned a selection of new photography, using Visit Britain for art direction, of key Lancashire attractions.  Despite being weather dependent we are half way through the five days of photography which has so far included locations in the Ribble Valley and Rossendale.

Yesterday I accompanied the Visit Britain art director on a reconnaissance exercise, sizing up suitable shots of Lancaster Castle and The Ashton Memorial for the next phase of photography (when the weather allows).  This new photography will see a departure from the plain old product shot and will instead aim to give the viewer more of an emotive response. For example, a couple enjoying a picnic at Williamson park or children playing with swords in the grounds of Clitheroe Castle. Whilst the location is important we also want to appeal to the visitors emotions, of how they will feel when they visit Lancashire – whether it be relaxed, chilled, in-love, happy, playful or excited.

Our first stop was the castle – we did a few laps of the outside, recording suitable locations and features. Next the manager of the castle, Chris, gave us a whistle stop tour of the interior, allowing the art director to try a few shots and to suggest a few ideas. These interior shots will be taken using child models and we hope to capture some of excitement and fear of the castle cells and its spooky past.

Next it was a drive up to Williamson Park (the sun was out and so were the midges) where we tested a few locations and made a note of the sun’s position. I had to sit in a few of the test shots to give the art director an idea of how the composition could be made up and whether we could utilise the great few of Morecambe Bay. The curve of stone stairs leading up to the Ashton will make a great backdrop and we noted a few locations around the lake that might work. Finally we did a quick walk through the butterfly house and made a decision on what image we would like taken here (a very simple close up of a child and butterfly).

Our final job of the day was a quick drive to Morecambe to check out a spot for taking a photograph of the Bay that incorporated the Midland Hotel. We headed down to the West End and found a good spot straightaway, although we may need to check the tide times!

The next step is waiting for two days of good weather….

/ Sally Jastrezebski Lloyd

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  1. Sounds like the pictures are going to be great. I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can start using them in all our upcoming brochures! It really will make the pages ‘come alive’ and help us to get across the message of how the visitor will feel on a trip to the region. I look forward to seeing the finished product of all that hard work and planning!

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