Bashall Barn’s redevelopment – a quality conversion

Bashall Barn

Bashall Barn

I recently visited Bashall Barn Food Visitor Centre after its extension and was greatly impressed, not only by the development but also those little extra touches which set one attraction apart from another.

Bashall Barn’s redevelopment has created a roomy 85 seater restaurant and 40 seater coffee shop with outdoor seating area and views over the beautiful Ribble Valley. As well as the eating area, farm shop stocked with Lancashire products and the long-standing resident, Bowland Brewery, there is now also a butchers (Bowland Outdoor reared meats) and bee-keeper (Ribblesdale Honey).

But this is much more than an extension and business expansion. What impressed me greatly were the extra touches throughout the development. There are many subtle references to farming, such as the carved wooden table numbers in the shape of farm animals and the viewing windows into the cowshed, strategically placed right beside the home-made ice cream bar. There are no stick figures on the toilet doors – instead you have to decide whether you are a bullock or a heifer!

The other message which comes across is that this is a place to relax, take your time. Not only can you buy the product from the onsite food and drink producers, you can take time to read all about the brewing process and see the bees at work behind a glass panel. There are large versions of popular games on the tables to pass the time, including dominoes and noughts and crosses. But for my favourite personal touch we have to go back to the toilets. Inside each cubicle, with its barn-style door, is a rack stocked with current, local magazines for those who wish to take their time and peruse the news!

/ Barbara

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2 Responses

  1. Having also recently visited Bashall Barn, I can recommend the Bowland Outdoor reared meats. As a special treat I bought and prepared (perfectly thanks to the BBC) the most perfect steak! Yum!

  2. Bashall Barn’s redevelopment – a quality conversion .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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