My first Official Closing Event

I’ve been to many official openings but never before have I been invited to an Official Closing Event! What should I expect – the re-veiling of a plaque, the un-smashing of a bottle?

It was the Official Closure of the Garstang and District Partnership (GDP) which was established to deliver the Market Towns Initiative in Garstang, strengthening the area’s economy through local partnership.

The event was attended by people and businesses associated with the Partnership over the years and was, essentially, an opportunity to hear what had been achieved. In the case of LBTB, we worked with the GDP on the creation of the world’s largest hotpot in 2007, the event used to launch Taste Lancashire 08 and now in the Guinness World Records.

We also help to promote the week-long Garstang Food Festival which is taking place again this year in October.
The Closing event came to a close with Lancashire hotpot and we were all assured that it was not from the original record-breaking one!

So, closing events, a new marketing angle?

Barbara Howorth

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