oo la la! more ‘otpot!

We had some fantastic feedback from our website last week.  A lovely French couple wrote the following:

“I just wanted to let you know how great your website is. We live in France and are planning a visit to Lancashire in early December and have been able to not only find and book excellent accommodation we have also used your Travel Planner to organize a host of days out. We have been researching what to do while on holiday and have been very disappointed with the majority of council or government websites but yours has been an absolute pleasure to use. Please let the people who wrote it know how easy it is to navigate and that it has all the information we needed for our trip. I know people are often quick to write when something is wrong but we just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with your website and what a help it has been in planning our first holiday in 3 years. Thank you and keep up the excellent work!”

We were so pleased to see that our ‘aims and objectives’ had clearly been achieved here! To get any feedback is great. To get such positive feedback is fantastic and gives us all here who work hard on the site and extra buzz to the day.

I suppose that we have been spoiled recently. We had the results from our e-mail and web survey as well last week. Over 1500 responded and gave some great feedback. Full results will be published on our industry website soon but until then….
92% would recommend the site to others
66% found the site VERY useful
The majority live outside the North West of England
The majority come to the site to research and plan for a holiday

Sarah Lundy

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  1. Hi from Ireland, good post, deserves a Digg.

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