Visit Lancashire is now YOUR brand

Over the past 18 months LBTB has undertaken a comprehensive branding exercise to see where we take forward the future of Lancashire as an area to visit. After many consultations with stakeholders and also focus groups from Yorkshire and The Midlands we are now Visit Lancashire.

Many of you will be aware that we have used VisitLancashire for the website for a number of years and that this sits well with the other tourism ‘visit’ sites and brands such as Visit England and Visit Britain. For us though this is a new step forward to talk about the brand as Visit Lancashire and we are very excited about the way forward.

You will see a change over the next few months in the way that we compile our marketing collateral. Taking forward our brand values we are:


Try it. Test it. It really works! By speaking to visitors with genuine warmth, bringing a realness to our offering, letting traditional quality shine through and promoting our ‘big wows and little wows’ we will bring a closeness that will make everyone (well, lots and lots more people) visit lancashire and come back again and again for more.

See our new branding guidelines here and look at our consumer website for the first outing of the new logo.

Sarah Lundy

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