And on a practical note..

I hope you are all now enabled in a Twitter type way. Whether you’ve done this via the Enjoy England Social Media Wizard ( or under your own steam, then welcome to the world of Twitter.

1) Please make sure that you follow us:
To see what we tweet to the visitors of Lancashire follow @visitlancashire
To get the industry info from us via Twitter @touristboard.

2) Please make sure that we are following you:
We do check all our followers and should pick you up, but to make sure we do just send us a Tweet

3) Get Tweeting
Tweet away and remember all the top tips you were given at the conference (for reminders see our Slideshare presentations)

4) Follow things and people of interest to you
Monitor what people are talking about. Use RELEVANT hashtags(#) that people are already having conversations about. Look for major events happening in your area. Use a free tool such as Tweetdeck.Follow people who are useful to you (such as ourselves and your local district council).

5) Look for your reTweets
We will be reTweeting you if you Tweet something interesting. Make it snappy, make it interesting, give it a web link. This is the type of thing that gets a response: “EXTRA EXTRA: 6ft Baby Born in Blackpool! @BlackpoolZoo”

6) Manage your tweets
Monitor your stats on your links and schedule some of your Tweets for when you are busy. Use a free tool such as HootSuite. Remember to look for mentions about yourself and ALWAYS reply to direct messages (unless they come from a Tweet spam). ReTweet good Tweets from your followers.

7) Enjoy what you do
This is a marketing tool that can help your business. It is also an enjoyable way to market as it enables you to use your voice and give your business a personality. Don’t make it a chore.

For you experienced Tweeters  – leave your top tips here!

Tweet Tweet
Sarah Lundy




Social Media – The Presentations

It’s a new week, and for alot of you this half-term could be the busiest week of the year – especially those businesses in and around Blackpool. I hope you’ll have a small chunk of time to look through the presentations from Thursday’s Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media Conference.

In reflection (and from reading the feedback forms), it appears that the day was very valuable for those of you who attended. I’m hoping that you keep up the impetus and are engaging, reading and planning your social media strategy right now!

One attendee sent us this feedback: “Just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant & inspiring day. Have come away with some great ideas, fired up about using Twitter etc. But also with real pride in Lancashire. It was great to drive over, you forget just how spectacular our scenery is.”

We have uploaded all the presentations to Slideshare (another marvellous free online service!). Please see the presentations on our industry website here or alternatively click on the links below.

Rob Brown – Social Media Overview
Emma Gardiner and Amy Johnston – Go Ape Blog Influence
Sarah Lundy – visitlancashire Blog
Mark Hanson – Twitter for Business
Hetty Byrne – Forest of Bowland Aggregate Blog
Sarah Lundy – visitlancashire Twitter
Neville Hobson – Social Media for Business – to follow
Heather Price – SKV Blackpool Viral
Constandina Milios – Visit England Social Media Wizard
Rob Brown – Reputation Management

Lets Get Sociable, Sociable

Yesterday was our ‘Don’t Panic’ Guide to Social Media Conference at Towneley Hall in Burnley.

Lunch at Towneley Hall

Lunch at Towneley Hall

What a gorgeous day and a beautiful setting. It’s inspirational to be sat in one of Lancashire’s Historical Gems talking about a communications revolution. Thanks to Ken and the team for their hospitality and the scrumptious lunch. If you ever hold a meeting there I recommend ordering the Meat and Potato pie for lunch!

I hope every business took away with them some positive and simple actions with which to change their marketing strategy and to start to find new audiences.

There is so much to talk about from the day that I’ll do this over a number of blogs in the coming week. In conjunction with this will be a number of practical steps for you to take with us to continue your journey and to help you implement the things you heard about yesterday rather than putting your folder on the shelf and forgetting your initial enthusiasm.

I’d just like to start with a couple of things really. Firstly – please make sure that you are social media enabled. You heard from VisitEngland about the Social Media Wizard. This can be found at This will help you set up all your accounts for Twitter etc if you don’t have them. If you do have some already it can help you ‘fill the gaps’.

Also – unfortunately you were unable to see the second Blackpool viral video. Enjoy Valerie and Frank part Two – Love, from Blackpool!

Photos and Video and Presentations from the day all to follow soon…

Sarah Lundy

Social Media Revolution

Before you come to the ‘Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media’ conference tomorrow – watch this video.

It’s inspirational and it is one of the reasons that we decided to do this conference in the first place.

Tweet your thoughts – #LBTB

Sarah Lundy

The Tardis landing at Park Hall Hotel?

Is this the filming of the next series of Doctor Who? Where was I? Yes……I really was at the Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board’s Members’ Meeting. The sound of the Tardis kept me engaged through a whistle stop tour of building control, whisking me from historic Iran, Victorian Britain through to modern day Lancashire. The presentation given by Chris Shuttleworth gave members an opportunity to ask questions about all of the strange building rules that seemed to restrict their business’ development.

Members then had an overview of Visit Lancashire’s new branding which included the unveiling of a new logo, a sneak preview of some gorgeous images and how the board is now talking to visitors with a new emotional tone. Those members in the audience with a heritage connection were then excited by the opportunities around the Heritage Revealed campaign. Copies of those presentations can be found on our corporate website.

Did you attend the members meeting? What was the most useful piece of information you received? Have you any suggestions for future meeting? If so, please email them to Also please add your comments to this blog.

Tip of the meeting: A member found out how they could sell their rooms online by talking to the online team and then they were able to ask questions of a fellow member that already uses that particular system.

Email for more information.

Zoe Viney

Revel in Rich Revelations

I’m currently working on the 2010 short breaks campaign ‘Heritage Revealed’ which I’m planning will be crammed with multi-media activity, treasure trails, day-in-the-life blogs, press articles and competitions.

There’s a lot of work to do be done before the campaign kicks-off in January and I’ve already been out and about visiting some of Lancashire’s heritage gems (both people and places) with the new addition to the marketing team – our trusty Flip Video camera.  (I was at Towneley Hall on Wednesday)

Over the next two months I’m gathering together interviews, video footage, audio recordings and images from the passionate people who work in, or tour around, some of Lancashire’s heritage attractions. All this valuable information will be used in some capacity within the campaign, whether as on-line video clips, feature articles in the brochure or as PR stories to send out to press.

The main part of the campaign is going to be the two heritage themed treasure trails we are having created for Lancaster City Centre and for the Pennine Lancashire area. We’ll be sending out 30,000 copies of the trails out to the some of our existing database and to new contacts (We are buying a list of 15,000 targeted names) who we hope to entice into Lancashire with competitions, special offers, heritage trails, tasty treats and the promise of a warm Lancashire welcome!

The brochure element of the campaign (it will be a stylish, A5 landscape design) will include a selection of day-in-the-life interviews and inspirational feature articles on places to stay, eat and visit during your visit. We are keeping the print-run fairly low for this (10,000) but will also be creating a digital version so people can read it on-line (and help us reduce waste). This will just be sent out to those people who specifically request a hard copy and made available in tourist information centres across the northwest and Yorkshire from February 2010.

From the campaign website you can expect video clips, interactive maps, blogs, trails, competitions, tweets and probably much more – As you can imagine the marketing team will be very busy over the next few months creating this website and the content required.

Tourism businesses can get involved at different levels – Gold (£595), Silver (£295) and Bronze (£150). Don’t forget that tourist board members also get a 20% discount on these rates.

These packages include varying degrees of advertising, web entries, blog entries, special offers, inclusion in the treasure hunt, press coverage and more…. For a full list of what you get for each package click here>>

Sally Jastrzebski-Lloyd

Hit Headline Honcho

Those lucky, or wise enough, to have secured a place on the DON’T PANIC GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR TOURISM CONFERENCE will get to hear Neville Hobson speak.

Personally I’m really excited as I’ve followed his blog for a long time now and it’s going to be great to hear the uber-communicator in person.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Neville, he is a great blogger and has recieved many accolades over the years (and I don’t think my ‘crush’ on his business blog counts). I would recommend that you read his blog rather than me trying to explain…

I love today’s entry and invite comments as to whether my blog title hits the spot!

Sarah Lundy