Lets Get Sociable, Sociable

Yesterday was our ‘Don’t Panic’ Guide to Social Media Conference at Towneley Hall in Burnley.

Lunch at Towneley Hall

Lunch at Towneley Hall

What a gorgeous day and a beautiful setting. It’s inspirational to be sat in one of Lancashire’s Historical Gems talking about a communications revolution. Thanks to Ken and the team for their hospitality and the scrumptious lunch. If you ever hold a meeting there I recommend ordering the Meat and Potato pie for lunch!

I hope every business took away with them some positive and simple actions with which to change their marketing strategy and to start to find new audiences.

There is so much to talk about from the day that I’ll do this over a number of blogs in the coming week. In conjunction with this will be a number of practical steps for you to take with us to continue your journey and to help you implement the things you heard about yesterday rather than putting your folder on the shelf and forgetting your initial enthusiasm.

I’d just like to start with a couple of things really. Firstly – please make sure that you are social media enabled. You heard from VisitEngland about the Social Media Wizard. This can be found at www.EEwizard.co.uk This will help you set up all your accounts for Twitter etc if you don’t have them. If you do have some already it can help you ‘fill the gaps’.

Also – unfortunately you were unable to see the second Blackpool viral video. Enjoy Valerie and Frank part Two – Love, from Blackpool!

Photos and Video and Presentations from the day all to follow soon…

Sarah Lundy

4 Responses

  1. I thought yesterday was extremely well organised and delivered. I was so inspired by what I learnt (I will even admit I am not on Twitter YET) that I will be presenting back to the team with a view to engaging with social media channels immediately. The case studies really helped understand the benefits in a relevant context! Thanks so much!

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