New skills for you next week?

‘My 4 team members had a great day, learned a lot more that they expected and also had fun.  They came home very motivated and spent about 3 hours with me afterwards, full of ideas etc. and telling me all about the day.’
Tracy, Business Owner, Lancaster

Is this the type of reaction you want from your staff after you have spent money sending them on a training course? Tracy wasn’t the only person to find her team had benefited from the one day event which is being repeated this year.

LBTB are working with the rest of the region to deliver the second Success Through People event. An interactive day covering topical issues to help develop both your business and your people to operate effectively in today’s competitive market place. There are three workshop sessions:

  • Confidence in Conflict – a creative masterclass that will give a simple and effective strategy to excel when dealing with conflict or difficult situations
  • People Power and Marketing – it’s not expensive advertising you need but good, cost effective and practical ideas that will work for you
  • Tweets, Blogs and Pods – an introductory workshop that will focus upon the way businesses can benefit from the new phenomenon called Social Media

ONLY A FEW PLACES LEFT!!!!!!!!! surely you can’t not?
The event will be held on Thursday 4th February at Haydock Park Racecourse at a cost of £39+vat per person.

Download the booking form here

Diane Blakemore

Ready, Set, Go get bookings!

A little mole tells me we’re all going to have a bumper year.

Especially for families

Happy Friday reading

sarah lundy

Slideshare – weirdly addictive

Ever thought you need someone’s view on a business topic and searched slideshare for it? If not then you really should. You can find some really informative presentations. It’s amazing how many people have been looking at ours!

We had a nice little e-mail from Slideshare telling us about our 2009 Slideshare year:

In 2009, we uploaded 14 presentations and got:

  • 170 average views per presentation
  • 4 favorites

I just tried searching for ‘hotel blogging uk‘ and there are over 400 presentations. Time to do some swift sharp learning anyone?

Sarah Lundy

cracking creatives

Today was the day. 5 pitches. 5 agencies. 1 campaign.

It was a great day and we had some very different approaches. There’s alot to consider. You’re going to have to be a bit patient for the result. No tweet yet.

There was an amazing amount of effort went into the pitches today. creatively excellent. Which is more than this blog entry – but then again my brain has been taken on a roller-coaster ride today and it’s not got off yet!

Thanks to all the 5 agencies and we’ll be tweeting hopefully by the end of play tomorrow about the winning pitch.

Sarah Lundy


As Monday morning dawned in the office this week we had confirmation that there were funds for us to use for a digital promotion.

After a giddy half hour getting excited about breaking boundaries and being innovative we sat down to work out our timelines. The ‘project’ would be to warm people up to visiting Blackpool for the Easter holidays (not forgetting the rest of our lovely area and the months between Easter and Summer). Easter school holidays start on 26 March so we needed to get the campaign going by March 1.

Realisation dawned.
We needed to get an agency appointed within the week. How to go about doing this? How to find a switched on, social media savvy, hungry agency?


Tweet it.

So we did.

As a sort of dating advert format.

And as one agency said to us on a tweet –‘@touristboard First Twender I’ve seen. Brilliant and scary at the same time. Blink and you miss it.’

We also took a chance and sent the information to the guys that run the excellent How-Do website. They kindly published it as a news item. Brilliant, I thought, now we have a chance of getting some great agencies prepared to get creative in a really really short space of time.

They were. Alot of them. In fact 43.

So my allocated time of 4 hours to shortlist and draw up a brief for the shortlist pitch on Monday became REALLY intense. Especially as many agencies supplemented the 1 page submission document with HUGE amounts of supporting documentation.

I made it by 4.20pm – calming the awaiting agencies with an interim tweet. My shortlist is 5. We are all really excited as one of these agencies are going to produce the goods for us in a BIG way. I’m looking forward to Monday; but not looking forward to choosing between them.

And guess what?

We’re going to announce the winning agency with a tweet – not a phone call.

Sarah Lundy

At Home with..

Last night Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board flung its doors open to member for its At Home event.

The event gave members the opportunity to meet Tourist Board staff, talk to them about their needs and network with fellow members. Questions asked of Tourist Board staff included; How much should I be charging? I need some help with training my growing number of staff, can you help? I need to get my head around online booking, where do I start?

One member said of the event “I’ve taken a huge step forward at this event in sorting out a new training programme and I’m now working with the Tourist Board on marketing to the group sector. Thanks!”

We are hoping to hold similar events in the future.

Zoe Viney