Impressions of Obsession

Well, the 10 day marathon that is Obsession 2010 has come to an end for another year. The event finished last night with Northcote’s own Nigel Haworth stepping up to the plate with his mouth-watering menu.

One of the guests last night was our own Chief Executive Mike Wilkinson. Mike raved over the “phenomenal blend of textures and flavours”, citing the rhubarb dessert as his favourite. Not normally a fan of the fruit, he said it was delicious and to top it all the accompanying wine had been perfectly chosen as it smelled just like rhubarb!

In Mike’s own words: “It is a fantastic achievement to have brought over 50 top chefs to little Langho in Lancashire over the years; once again ‘The Master’ (as Nigel is apparently called in chef circles!) has pulled it off. It’ll be interesting to see how many days the Festival runs to when it’s celebrating its 20th year!”

Barbara Howorth

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