A (quality) picture paints a thousand words

Sometimes it seems like the hardest thing to do in the world is to get quality photography. You have your great business. And you know a picture paints a thousand words. So why would you not have THE BEST photography you can get?

Tom Kitchin at NorthcoteUsually the answer to this is cost. It’s not easy to source top quality photography at an affordable cost. And often you try to do the job yourself and end up with a photo of the outside of your business looking like a run-down 60’s newsagent on a dark and stormy night.

So what could be the answer? The new LBTB professional photography package. Aspirational high quality photographs of your business for you to keep and use time and time again. Only £250 plus VAT!

Now – wait for it……
We’ve been able to secure 20 of these packages for only £50!
This is unfortunately only open to members – the first 20 that want the package.
We expect this special members offer to sell out very quickly so register your interest NOW or alternatively email: membership@lbtbltd.com

Just to whet your appetite – this is a recent shot taken by the photographer we have commissioned for the work (not just a random shot of Tom Kitchen).

happy snapping, sarah lundy

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