Going for Green!

Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board are embarking to attaining Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) status, following in the footsteps of a great many Lancashire businesses that already hold the award.  Whilst we wait for our advisory visit (this will highlight our green action plan) a ‘select’ group of LBTB staff met with Hetty to discuss the GTBS Criteria check list.

Although we still have to make some fairly significant changes in terms of waste management, energy and purchasing, all the marketing LBTB does via visitlancashire.com and print (on 100% recycled or FSC certified paper) to promote sustainable tourism and activities such walking and cycling
 has put us in good stead and we should score highly in this area. Furthermore, the fact that LBTB supports sustainable tourism networks and past projects such as the Lancashire Rural Tourism Initiative (LRTi) through funding and training also gives us some good marks.

I am however keen to make some changes to our day-to-day office practises that will make us more sustainable and environmentally aware. Currently we only recycle paper and cardboard so there is certainly capacity to increase this to plastics and glass.  I would also like to see a change to some of our purchasing policies improved to encompass fair trade tea and coffee, re-cycled paper for printers/paper towels  and eco friendly cleaning products and hand wash. Since majority of people action these simply things domestically I hope we can action them for LBTB over the coming months as we work towards our GTBS award.

Sally Jastrzebski-Lloyd

The GTBS is the leading sustainable tourism certification scheme in the UK. Businesses opting to join are assessed by a qualified grading advisor against a rigorous set of criteria, covering a range of areas, like energy and water efficiency, waste management, biodiversity and more. Click here for further details.

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