Access Accessibility

Simple Steps to a more Accessible Business

Making your property more accessible requires a huge amount of time and money right? Think again. Achieving an accessibility rating is cheaper and easier than you might have imagined and it can open up your business to a huge underserved market.

Attracting guests with access issues is a matter of gaining an accessibility rating under the Visit Britain National Accessible Scheme (NAS) – and the different types of access needs are reflected in the different levels of rating. Whilst some accommodation providers aim to achieve the highest rating possible, making even small changes can benefit your bottom line.

Here are six easy low-cost changes you can make to your business:-

  1. Install handrails alongside staircases, toilets and bathtubs
  2. Clear all rooms of trip hazards
  3. Arrange furniture to provide clear, wide paths through rooms
  4. Secure slippery rugs and mats
  5. Ensure reception areas and bathrooms are well lit
  6. Make your Access Statement available on your website

Why not do one of thiese things today?


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