Is Food Hygiene Training Compulsory?

Owners of B&B’s and guest houses need to be well-informed about food safety matters, any staff handling food should be supervised, instructed and/or trained in food safety – but it is not a requirement to have completed a certified course. Most local authorities do run a basic food hygiene course – Level 2 – which consists of a six hour course and test, with a certificate given if you pass.

It is however a requirement to have a food safety management system in place and an easy way to comply is to get a Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) pack from the Food Standards Agency (FSA). This contains a folder and DVD that details the steps businesses can take to ensure that what they are doing is safe for the consumer, and gives ideas about how to improve things in your kitchen.

A piece of essential kit you will need to have is a basic fridge thermometer and once you have worked through the pack a simple daily tick to show everything has been done will be sufficient in the smaller establishments. So ensure your guests stay food safe whilst visiting you.


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  1. I really think Food Hygiene Training should be compulsory. It is frightening to think that anyone can prepare and cook food for others without any training. When you book your holiday you expect to have your food at your accommodation prepared to a good standard and not have the possibility of going home with food poisoning.

    I’m sure 99% of all guest house and B&B owners are fully competent and their is no risk for a guests but it is the other small number that is of concern.

    It’s all very well saying “any staff handling food should be supervised” but what if those supervising have not been trained?

    I have stayed in many B&B’s over the years and never had a problem – though some places have left me not feeing too confident after arrival.

    It would be good for everyone if their was a set standard.

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