Meeting members in Blackpool

For a day out of the office catching up with members, I couldn’t have picked a better, the resort looked amazing in the sun and the place was buzzing with families. My day started with a catch up with Claire and Mark Smith at Number One St Lukes and having a tour of their beautiful award winning guest accommodation. Claire told us about her involvement with the Tourism Alliance and how she represents micro-businesses on the alliance.

Tim (our Business Development Manager in Blackpool) and I headed into the town centre to visit the Ruskin, a mainstay of Blackpool’s hotel offer for years, with over 70 bedrooms and 50 staff, the Ruskin is a different operation to the many owner operated accommodation providers I visit in Blackpool. After spending some time looking at the recently renovated rooms in the Ruskin we walked back to the car stopping to check out the arches being installed in Birley Street, apparently lights, smoke and sound are going to encase visitor’s walking under the arches.

We then went up to Coast Apartments and spoke to Steve about his plans for a 3rd apartment. Coast apartments have just received confirmation that they are to receive monies from the Invest in the Best Scheme (supported by the Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board and Blackpool Council), unfortunately all those funds have now been allocated but we are very excited about all of the new developments that have now become possible with through that fund.

The highlight of the day was the launch of the new Langtry’s guest accommodation in King Edward Avenue.  The guest accommodation, which is to be featured on Channel 5’s Hotel Inspector (later this month), looked the part and having received 5 stars and a silver award in its recent grading clearly set and achieved high standards. Those attending the event included Lesley Lloyd the chair of Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board, who was  impressed with the focus on local produce that Langtry’s had adopted. The local focus ran from Mrs Kirkham Cheese and Goosnargh Duck, by Kwizeen Restaurant to over 90% of the fixtures and fittings being sourced in Lancashire. We wish Julie and David all the success and we really like those forgot me boxes!

Zoe Viney

Viral Marketing – can it work?

Can viral marketing work for your business? The answer is a resounding YES if it is done well.
If you want a good example of this just try looking at the viral video for Blackpool on YouTube

Within 1 day this viral has gained an amazing amount of PR coverage including a feature on The Daily Mail and The Telegraph’s Travel Blog. Yes, some of the comments are negative with those of a certain immovable view of Blackpool but so many are very positive (and all PR is good PR!). Blackpool has set tongues wagging… in a good way.

With Viral Marketing you need a hook; a story. You also need to tell it well and differently. People have to WANT to do something with it – Tweet about it, share it on Facebook, e-mail it to their friends, talk about it, write an article about it. If you want to venture down this route you need to plan carefully and ensure your execution is spot on. For some quality advice on Viral Marketing read this article

Well done Blackpool!

Sarah Lundy

Can I say congratulations to Stay Blackpool

for having a Blog Off! Businesses who blog successfully can help their web visibility immensely without using expensive Search Engine Optimisation or paying for Google AdWords. I urge all members of the Association to register now and get yourself blogging.

Remember: Don’t be shy, be your own personality but THINK – set up your name and tone of voice carefully as you’ll have to continue this throughout your blogging life!

Blogging doesn’t take alot of time but it takes COMMITMENT. Don’t set up a blog then abandon it. keep going! the more you do, the easier it gets.

LBTB will be writing here about top tips for Bloggers and how to make this mean something for BUSINESS.


Sarah Lundy