Bloggers Block

I seem to be suffering this myself at the moment. Reading this blog entry on Constant Quality Blog Content by Denise Wakeman reminded me of a few things.

Discipline in the blogging world is good. Nodding my head throughout the article I realised that I know all this but have still dropped a few balls recently.

Thanks Denise for reminding me.

I would encourage everyone to read The Social Media Examiner regularly if you are involved in blogging, tweeting, facebooking, flickring, youtubing and all the other SocMed ‘stuff’.

It’s time intensive work. ensure you plan, do and are relevant.

sarah lundy

Hit Headline Honcho

Those lucky, or wise enough, to have secured a place on the DON’T PANIC GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR TOURISM CONFERENCE will get to hear Neville Hobson speak.

Personally I’m really excited as I’ve followed his blog for a long time now and it’s going to be great to hear the uber-communicator in person.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Neville, he is a great blogger and has recieved many accolades over the years (and I don’t think my ‘crush’ on his business blog counts). I would recommend that you read his blog rather than me trying to explain…

I love today’s entry and invite comments as to whether my blog title hits the spot!

Sarah Lundy

Links Links Links Links Links

This little chat is about links – as you may have gathered from the title. I’m interested in people improving their website rankings for free. I’m sure you want the same for your business.

One good way for you to extend your visibility on the Internet and particularly on Google is to have valid links to other relevant websites.

Quite simply.. link to businesses near you that would be complimentary to your business and will encourage a lengthier, better quality stay for your visitor. So if you are a b&b then make sure you link to local restaurant websites, local attractions websites and, of course, to the ‘What’s On’ guide on visitLancashire.

Don’t forget that you will also have a district website to link to – for example. These links are ‘indexed’ by Google and make you more popular. Don’t be afraid to ask people to do reciprocal links with you.I would like at this point to mention Bleasedale Cottages as a fabulous example of how to do this well

Also think about your other links… do you have a blog (Bleasedale Cottages do – read it here). If you do then you need to link to other relevant blogs such as the visitLancashire blog. Also keep it fresh with content. These actions will help you to rise the blog rankings on Google.

Do me a favour. Go on to Google and do a search for your business. Where are you? Next do a search for visit Lancashire. You will see that not only our website but also our Twitter account and our blog are on the first page. You can do this too.

Our favourite business to business blog currently is  that of StayBlackpool. Fun, fresh, mentioning a variety of topics and businesses – do you have a tourism association that can do the same thing? For a single business blog you can do much worse than Flower Design in St Annes.If you don’t have a blog then watch this space for ‘how to…blog’.

If you are on Facebook as a business or as yourself as a person can I urge you to become a Fan of Visit Lancashire. Help spread the word about how fabulous our area is to visit, and we will continue to shout from the rooftops about your brilliant businesses that make us the top destination we are.

Sarah Lundy

Can I say congratulations to Stay Blackpool

for having a Blog Off! Businesses who blog successfully can help their web visibility immensely without using expensive Search Engine Optimisation or paying for Google AdWords. I urge all members of the Association to register now and get yourself blogging.

Remember: Don’t be shy, be your own personality but THINK – set up your name and tone of voice carefully as you’ll have to continue this throughout your blogging life!

Blogging doesn’t take alot of time but it takes COMMITMENT. Don’t set up a blog then abandon it. keep going! the more you do, the easier it gets.

LBTB will be writing here about top tips for Bloggers and how to make this mean something for BUSINESS.


Sarah Lundy