Calling all attractions (and other interesting experiences)

Last week we embarked upon a ‘social media experiment’ with Go Ape at Rivington. Go Ape are a forward thinking business with an eye on the pulse of the (social media) nation as you can easily see from a visit to their website.

We gathered together a mix of people who ‘applied’ for a free place at Go Ape last Friday afternoon by contacting us via Twitter, Facebook, our blog or email. This crew were technology savvy and willing to tweet, video, blog and be snap happy on the way around the exciting course at Go Ape (safety permitting of course!).

So over the next few hours we had lots of fun and twittered, snapped, blogged and videoed our way around. Since then there has been alot of social media ‘noise’ about Go Ape Rivington; generating interest from new ‘readers’ who may not have considered a visit previously.

We are now looking to extend this out to other Lancashire attractions. You just need to let a group of 10 loose around your attraction to have the best experience possible – and give them something to snap, say or video about you. We will then bombard the various social media channels such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, blogs etc and aim to generate new audiences and visitors for you.

Anyone up for making some noise?

Contact me on 01257 226619

Sarah Lundy