Social Media Revolution

Before you come to the ‘Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media’ conference tomorrow – watch this video.

It’s inspirational and it is one of the reasons that we decided to do this conference in the first place.

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Sarah Lundy

Hit Headline Honcho

Those lucky, or wise enough, to have secured a place on the DON’T PANIC GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR TOURISM CONFERENCE will get to hear Neville Hobson speak.

Personally I’m really excited as I’ve followed his blog for a long time now and it’s going to be great to hear the uber-communicator in person.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Neville, he is a great blogger and has recieved many accolades over the years (and I don’t think my ‘crush’ on his business blog counts). I would recommend that you read his blog rather than me trying to explain…

I love today’s entry and invite comments as to whether my blog title hits the spot!

Sarah Lundy

Abracadabra.. there’s a new wizard in town

You will soon be receiving a letter from Trimedia UK on behalf of VisitEngland about their new SOCIAL MEDIA WIZARD.

We’re excited about this because it will put Social Media ‘Gubbins’ into plain English and be targeted towards your tourism businesses specifically. We’re going to help you to use it effectively and ensure that you keep at the forefront of digital marketing to steal a march as a forward thinking county.

The Social Media Wizard is a stand-alone website that is designed to quickly and efficiently walk you through creating a strong presence in social media sites and being more efficient in search engines.

The Wizard is designed for people who aren’t particularly ‘techie’ or into computers, and takes people through each procedure, step by step. It will be beneficial both to those organisations/businesses who are not engaged in social media and those who already have a presence but are perhaps not using it to their best advantage.

The Wizard will guide people through these vital elements of social media presence:

As well as tips and simple guides for…

  • Search engine optimization/ marketing
  • Tools to help you keep an eye on your brand and competitors
  • Best practice in Trip Advisor

This will give you an explanation of how these profiles will benefit your business and help to build a strong online community with an active interest in tourism in Lancashire.

There will be examples of best practice in each specific theme or social network, and you will be able to do most of the activity (registering/ logging in, uploading content etc.) from within the Wizard itself, making the set up work very minimal and quick.

You will also get this information in the Visit England e-newsletter – keep your eyes peeled! This is all great for your businesses, but the real power of the Wizard is that it connects you all further to us and our work in the social media space (obviously at the forefront ….).

And just to let you know (you heard it here first) that you will be invited to a Social Media Gubbins Day in October to help you further in this space and take Lancashire forward as a social media force to be reckoned with.

If you want to register in advance for this day please e-mail me as there will only be 50 spaces available.

roll on tweeting, blogging, file sharing and more……………

Sarah Lundy