And on a practical note..

I hope you are all now enabled in a Twitter type way. Whether you’ve done this via the Enjoy England Social Media Wizard ( or under your own steam, then welcome to the world of Twitter.

1) Please make sure that you follow us:
To see what we tweet to the visitors of Lancashire follow @visitlancashire
To get the industry info from us via Twitter @touristboard.

2) Please make sure that we are following you:
We do check all our followers and should pick you up, but to make sure we do just send us a Tweet

3) Get Tweeting
Tweet away and remember all the top tips you were given at the conference (for reminders see our Slideshare presentations)

4) Follow things and people of interest to you
Monitor what people are talking about. Use RELEVANT hashtags(#) that people are already having conversations about. Look for major events happening in your area. Use a free tool such as Tweetdeck.Follow people who are useful to you (such as ourselves and your local district council).

5) Look for your reTweets
We will be reTweeting you if you Tweet something interesting. Make it snappy, make it interesting, give it a web link. This is the type of thing that gets a response: “EXTRA EXTRA: 6ft Baby Born in Blackpool! @BlackpoolZoo”

6) Manage your tweets
Monitor your stats on your links and schedule some of your Tweets for when you are busy. Use a free tool such as HootSuite. Remember to look for mentions about yourself and ALWAYS reply to direct messages (unless they come from a Tweet spam). ReTweet good Tweets from your followers.

7) Enjoy what you do
This is a marketing tool that can help your business. It is also an enjoyable way to market as it enables you to use your voice and give your business a personality. Don’t make it a chore.

For you experienced Tweeters  – leave your top tips here!

Tweet Tweet
Sarah Lundy