How marketers are using Twitter

A very interesting blog entry on the brilliant Forrester blog. Read and enjoy how you could be doing just as well as major brands on Twitter.

Sarah Lundy

Easy Tweets

Sorry for the neglect of recent. This is a short post just to introduce a fabulous guide to Twitter from one of our favourite people on Twitter.

Phil Jones is a seriously cool top flight businessman at Brother. This guide of his makes perfect sense and will give you confidence when on Twitter.

Sarah Lundy

And on a practical note..

I hope you are all now enabled in a Twitter type way. Whether you’ve done this via the Enjoy England Social Media Wizard ( or under your own steam, then welcome to the world of Twitter.

1) Please make sure that you follow us:
To see what we tweet to the visitors of Lancashire follow @visitlancashire
To get the industry info from us via Twitter @touristboard.

2) Please make sure that we are following you:
We do check all our followers and should pick you up, but to make sure we do just send us a Tweet

3) Get Tweeting
Tweet away and remember all the top tips you were given at the conference (for reminders see our Slideshare presentations)

4) Follow things and people of interest to you
Monitor what people are talking about. Use RELEVANT hashtags(#) that people are already having conversations about. Look for major events happening in your area. Use a free tool such as Tweetdeck.Follow people who are useful to you (such as ourselves and your local district council).

5) Look for your reTweets
We will be reTweeting you if you Tweet something interesting. Make it snappy, make it interesting, give it a web link. This is the type of thing that gets a response: “EXTRA EXTRA: 6ft Baby Born in Blackpool! @BlackpoolZoo”

6) Manage your tweets
Monitor your stats on your links and schedule some of your Tweets for when you are busy. Use a free tool such as HootSuite. Remember to look for mentions about yourself and ALWAYS reply to direct messages (unless they come from a Tweet spam). ReTweet good Tweets from your followers.

7) Enjoy what you do
This is a marketing tool that can help your business. It is also an enjoyable way to market as it enables you to use your voice and give your business a personality. Don’t make it a chore.

For you experienced Tweeters  – leave your top tips here!

Tweet Tweet
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Calling all attractions (and other interesting experiences)

Last week we embarked upon a ‘social media experiment’ with Go Ape at Rivington. Go Ape are a forward thinking business with an eye on the pulse of the (social media) nation as you can easily see from a visit to their website.

We gathered together a mix of people who ‘applied’ for a free place at Go Ape last Friday afternoon by contacting us via Twitter, Facebook, our blog or email. This crew were technology savvy and willing to tweet, video, blog and be snap happy on the way around the exciting course at Go Ape (safety permitting of course!).

So over the next few hours we had lots of fun and twittered, snapped, blogged and videoed our way around. Since then there has been alot of social media ‘noise’ about Go Ape Rivington; generating interest from new ‘readers’ who may not have considered a visit previously.

We are now looking to extend this out to other Lancashire attractions. You just need to let a group of 10 loose around your attraction to have the best experience possible – and give them something to snap, say or video about you. We will then bombard the various social media channels such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, blogs etc and aim to generate new audiences and visitors for you.

Anyone up for making some noise?

Contact me on 01257 226619

Sarah Lundy

Abracadabra.. there’s a new wizard in town

You will soon be receiving a letter from Trimedia UK on behalf of VisitEngland about their new SOCIAL MEDIA WIZARD.

We’re excited about this because it will put Social Media ‘Gubbins’ into plain English and be targeted towards your tourism businesses specifically. We’re going to help you to use it effectively and ensure that you keep at the forefront of digital marketing to steal a march as a forward thinking county.

The Social Media Wizard is a stand-alone website that is designed to quickly and efficiently walk you through creating a strong presence in social media sites and being more efficient in search engines.

The Wizard is designed for people who aren’t particularly ‘techie’ or into computers, and takes people through each procedure, step by step. It will be beneficial both to those organisations/businesses who are not engaged in social media and those who already have a presence but are perhaps not using it to their best advantage.

The Wizard will guide people through these vital elements of social media presence:

As well as tips and simple guides for…

  • Search engine optimization/ marketing
  • Tools to help you keep an eye on your brand and competitors
  • Best practice in Trip Advisor

This will give you an explanation of how these profiles will benefit your business and help to build a strong online community with an active interest in tourism in Lancashire.

There will be examples of best practice in each specific theme or social network, and you will be able to do most of the activity (registering/ logging in, uploading content etc.) from within the Wizard itself, making the set up work very minimal and quick.

You will also get this information in the Visit England e-newsletter – keep your eyes peeled! This is all great for your businesses, but the real power of the Wizard is that it connects you all further to us and our work in the social media space (obviously at the forefront ….).

And just to let you know (you heard it here first) that you will be invited to a Social Media Gubbins Day in October to help you further in this space and take Lancashire forward as a social media force to be reckoned with.

If you want to register in advance for this day please e-mail me as there will only be 50 spaces available.

roll on tweeting, blogging, file sharing and more……………

Sarah Lundy

Links Links Links Links Links

This little chat is about links – as you may have gathered from the title. I’m interested in people improving their website rankings for free. I’m sure you want the same for your business.

One good way for you to extend your visibility on the Internet and particularly on Google is to have valid links to other relevant websites.

Quite simply.. link to businesses near you that would be complimentary to your business and will encourage a lengthier, better quality stay for your visitor. So if you are a b&b then make sure you link to local restaurant websites, local attractions websites and, of course, to the ‘What’s On’ guide on visitLancashire.

Don’t forget that you will also have a district website to link to – for example. These links are ‘indexed’ by Google and make you more popular. Don’t be afraid to ask people to do reciprocal links with you.I would like at this point to mention Bleasedale Cottages as a fabulous example of how to do this well

Also think about your other links… do you have a blog (Bleasedale Cottages do – read it here). If you do then you need to link to other relevant blogs such as the visitLancashire blog. Also keep it fresh with content. These actions will help you to rise the blog rankings on Google.

Do me a favour. Go on to Google and do a search for your business. Where are you? Next do a search for visit Lancashire. You will see that not only our website but also our Twitter account and our blog are on the first page. You can do this too.

Our favourite business to business blog currently is  that of StayBlackpool. Fun, fresh, mentioning a variety of topics and businesses – do you have a tourism association that can do the same thing? For a single business blog you can do much worse than Flower Design in St Annes.If you don’t have a blog then watch this space for ‘how to…blog’.

If you are on Facebook as a business or as yourself as a person can I urge you to become a Fan of Visit Lancashire. Help spread the word about how fabulous our area is to visit, and we will continue to shout from the rooftops about your brilliant businesses that make us the top destination we are.

Sarah Lundy

Tweeting away

Catch our comments on Twitter and discover what LBTB think, feel, watch, discover, eat (and more) on a Twittering basis. Follow us on

Don’t know what twitter is?
It’s like gossip. Great gossip. A ‘telegraph’ system that lets you know what the people you follow are doing. In return your followers learn what you are doing. Some say it is a fad ………….. others (including ourselves) are loving the networking and immediacy of it.

Set up a Twitter profile now at and join the phenomenal revolution that has seen 1382% growth in the last month!

Why Twitter?
You can ask your visitors to follow you…. keep your business at the forefront of their minds.
Read this article for a guru’s guide to Twitter  – Lucy Atkins at the Telegraph on Twitter

Send us a tweet when you are set up. Say Hi.


Sarah Lundy