Viral Marketing – can it work?

Can viral marketing work for your business? The answer is a resounding YES if it is done well.
If you want a good example of this just try looking at the viral video for Blackpool on YouTube

Within 1 day this viral has gained an amazing amount of PR coverage including a feature on The Daily Mail and The Telegraph’s Travel Blog. Yes, some of the comments are negative with those of a certain immovable view of Blackpool but so many are very positive (and all PR is good PR!). Blackpool has set tongues wagging… in a good way.

With Viral Marketing you need a hook; a story. You also need to tell it well and differently. People have to WANT to do something with it – Tweet about it, share it on Facebook, e-mail it to their friends, talk about it, write an article about it. If you want to venture down this route you need to plan carefully and ensure your execution is spot on. For some quality advice on Viral Marketing read this article

Well done Blackpool!

Sarah Lundy