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Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board

Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board

We are the sub-regional tourist board for Lancashire and Blackpool. Yes we know – Blackpool is IN Lancashire but we love it so much for the number of visitors it attracts to Lancashire that we need to shout about it. Also, for those people who know where Blackpool is but not Lancashire (quite alot) it helps to anchor Lancashire in the minds of visitors.

We are based in Chorley (famous for Chorley Cakes and Chorley FM) and our small team of 24 work passionately and really hard to put the message out there – Lancashire is an amazing destination for a holiday, short break or day trip (it’s also brilliant to live here!) with fantastic accommodation, attractions and events.

Our team is made up of Business Development (to help all you tourism businesses in Lancashire) and Marketing  (to tell visitors and potential visitors about you tourism businesses in Lancashire). You probably recieve at least some e-mail communication from us, and many of you see us and speak to us on a regular basis.

We have started this blog so that we can share some of the work we are doing, start some debates, raise some comments and pass on some of the knowledge that we have  – all to help you increase your business.

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  2. Hi, I see you have a range of Lancashire business blogs on your Blogroll. Is there any chance of getting http://blog.pure-creative.com added to that list. We are a design agency working on a range of exciting projects for Lancashire based organisations including Turton Tower and Darwen Leisure Centre. If you need any further information please let me know.

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